So I have been needing to update my netflix and my blog for awhile… really i just need to turn in the 3 movies that I have had for like 2 months. Back to the point though, I was on netflix and found a film called Womb Raiders.

I think this my be the broest thing that has ever happened in my entire brolife!!!!11111oneoneone.

Synopsis of the film:
” This erotic, Indiana Jones-style spoof follows the incredible adventures of “Womb Raider” Cara Loft (Lauren Hays), who’s hired by the infamous Dr. Scrotus (Roland Lanza) to search the world for a mysterious treasure. Along the way, she locks lips — and hips — with a dizzying lineup of beautiful women, including buxom blonde Antoinette Abbott. Nudity abounds (the scene involving the water canteen is unforgettable).

Ok so I think im going to netflix this Brotally Brosome Film and review it for the members of the Brolog.