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Today’s No Bro goes to…. Susan Cheever. Thats right… SUSAN CHEEVER!!!!!

Why, you might ask, is she today’s NO BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well read what she wrote here and all of your many questions will be answered. However, if you are feeling lazy… I’ll just give you a quick run down of what she has to say.

She opens her article with a story about a party that she went to 10 years ago where a really dunk couple stumbled home. The rest of her article talks about how no one drinks in New York as much as they used to, TEN YEARS AGO! . she says that its due to the changing social norms of the city…

ehem, listen lady ten years ago you were probably young and bangable. now you might be old and have no clue what you are talking about. To quote Michelle from the times comments section:

“The reason you no longer see people getting falling down drunk is that you’re ten years older.

Go to the post-college bars on the upper west and east side or the NYU bars downtown and you’ll see the drinking-life going strong in New York.

That said, it’s terrible your friends make you feel bad about not drinking. They seem to be the ones that need to grow up.”

— Michelle T”

Thats why Susan Cheever gets the NO BRO!

Though this weeks runners up were the sick fucks know as Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs aka 3 guys1 hammer.



Well, well, well have we got a line up for you today.

First and foremost welcome the great Brock Brosenhauser to the Bro Log. It feels like the whole Ghostbusters dynamic is finally coming together. We have the smart one in the way of Brock (he reads the news). the wild card, brodistick (he is one crazy son-o-butch). and last but not least, we have the good looking one… that would be me ofcourse.

Overall things seem to be coming along quite nicely on the ole bro log.
(Hmm i wonder if i should have made some sort of Star Trek comparison instead… ‘Nah, forget it – Yo, home to Bel-Air!’)

Alright now that the intros are all bro-out of the way I shall go into a new part of the bro log that i would like to call the NO BROs!

The NO BROs! aim to check out the headlines every once in a while and point out totally un bro like behavior!

Today is a special! Two for one. They are both old and new but whatevers.

The First NO BRO goes to Plaxico Burress:
Ok, he shot himself in the leg at night club last weekend and then tried to find a hospital that would admit him anonymously. FRACKING idiot! I mean really that is not bro like behavior. If you are going to shot yourself… it sure wouldnt be a bullet. From now on. I would like to start the movement know to refer to all stupidity as pulling a Plaxico. An example of this would be: meeting a hot chick and popping a huge boner noticeable boner, Pulling a Plaxico. Falling on your face when getting up to accept an award from the president for saving mankind, Pulling a Plaxico. Barfing on yourself while on the dance floor grinding on a bodacious babe… you guessed it, Pulling a mother-loving Plaxico.
So to recap, Pulling a Plaxico is any totally non-brotastic activity as noted above. I mean come on who shoots themselves in the freakin leg then tries to cover it up? PLAXICO!

NO BRO! the second goes to….
Judge Jackie Glass.

She is the judge in the new OJ Simpson trial. She gets the no bro award because OJ Simpson is the ultimate bro and to put him away is just plain non-bro like behavior.

the MSNBC website changed its report that Simpson could do up to 15 years in prison to 33 year within the space of an hour. How could this happen? you might ask yourself. Its all part of a movement to wipe out broness across this country and that is why Judge Glass gets the second NO BRO! award of the day!
( though it could just be MSNBC’s faulty reporting… but we like to jump to conclusions here)

BROTO of the Day:

Its what Bro’s eat!