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bud light spec commercial. check out the bro-dettes



If you were ice cream and I were hot chocolate I’d pour all my love onto you.

Bro-ing out has taken a new form this day!!

Learn something motherbroers!

Yeah so I had a weekend… yep thats what we will call it.

Aside from bro-ing out to the max I cant believe I missed The Meat Puppets in concert this past weekend!! They are totally awesome and it saddens my bro-being to know that i didnt know that they were playing this weekend.

Some totally BROTACULAR news came in this morning… brace yourselves… brace yourselves thats right… MC Hammer is making a comeback!!!

As a complimentary piece to oldest spider web in the history of mankind! Really, the only brorific part of this story is that it was found in prehistoric amber. Jurassic Park anyone? anyone?

BROTOS from teh weekendz:

up and down from poisson rouge on bleecker friday night

The way i felt this weekend.


New late night subway buddies