BRO log, stardate: 12.3.08.

BROdistick here,

Last night I was out BROlone. Yes, Yes, I know the rules… Thu shall not BROlone.
At the rate of any, I was BROlone and ended up having the time of my life…

Look I’s!———>I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i <———– Look I's!

When I came to, the young lass who/whom?/ was hovering all about me was crying and screaming,” I wanna go home”,. And I /theres that word/letter?/again/ was all like uymmmmmm whater?

BROTO of the Day:

P.S. TheeM C known as Davey D, I shall be BROre classyer than the Joker… you can bet on that.